Introducing My New Guitar Series "Lick Formula"

Lick Formula Episode One

Lick Formula is a series I created with the intention of sharing what I hope you find to be interesting yet not terribly challenging lead guitar licks. Each episode will have a new guitar lick for your listening and viewing pleasure and will be accompanied by downloadable guitar tabs and click tracks for you to practice with. When creating lead guitar licks, I have learned to use what I call the Marty Friedman approach. What is the Marty Friedman approach? It is basically a way of creating your licks and runs using a combination of patterns within each bar as opposed to playing the same pattern for an extended period of time. For example, instead of playing a 4's pattern through 4 bars (which many players do, and yes it can sounds cool), the Marty approach would be something like mixing several patterns within the sequence. Doing this gives your leads much more flavor while also being unpredictable. I hope you enjoy Lick Formula, don't forget to like, subscribe and follow at the links below!

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