new album single

between two worlds available 10/4/19

Tengger Cavalry North American Headlining Tour!

Exciting news!  Next month I head out with Tengger Cavalry for a very unique and special North American tour.  Why is it so special?  Well we will be playing two different sets each night.  The first set will be traditional…


Instrumental of the Day

Vinnie Moore's Rain is very special to me.  It is beautifully written, anyone can appreciate this guitar instrumental.

Brand New Demo Available for my Patreon Supporters!

I am excited to bring all of my loyal fans and supporters the opportunity to hear the demo version of my song titled Emergence.  This demo is a Patreon Exclusive, but don't worry, you can check it out for just…

Pat The Panther on Audio Jungle!

If you are a musician or have any musician friends or family, then you know how hard it is to earn income for the art form.  With that being said, I am proud to say that I have become an…

Vajra Out of Your Mind Tour

I am excited to announce that I will be heading to Europe next month with Vajra!  The tour titled the "Out of Your Mind Tour" will hit parts of Sweden and Germany!  Full details at the image below!


A Tale of Two Tempos

So I started working on another new song, for now lets call it Vampire wedding.  Today as I was conjuring up ideas, I started playing with the songs tempo, now I am torn!  Check out this video and tell me…

1.14 Custom Jazz Guitar Picks On The Way!

After talking a bunch of fans and friends about what my next merch item should be, I have decided on some custom jazz picks.  The picks will be two sided with the Panther image you see above.  One side will…


Wow! 10 Roads You Should Never Drive On

OK, so I just happend to stumble onto this video and I was like HOLY SHIT!  I cant believe these roads even exist!  Look at this video!  I hope I never have to drive one of these on tour!

Vajra's Spring Fire Tour Recap

Short but sweet, the Vajra Spring Fire Tour started in Williamsport Pennsylvania and ended with a bang at Bratfest in Madison Wisconsin.  Oh how I have missed being on the road..  We were very fortunate to have amazing weather…


Last night Through The Discipline went out with a bang. It was probably our best set ever. 
As one musical chapter comes to an end, I would like to take this opportunity to announce a new chapter. I have been…

Exclusive Dead Eyes Demo Link

Aside from being a musician, I am obviously a fan of music.  I have always wondered what an artists demo version of a song might have sounded like before it was all polished and cleaned up.  With that being said…