The Power Of Intention and Belief

The Mind/Ego will try to convince you, based on habits and values you learned during your developmental years that you should take the safe route in life and do what societies norms dictate; go to school, find a career, settle down, be a "contributing" member of society, have kids ect.  The Heart on the other hand knows your true purpose in life, the Heart has all of the answers you seek and if you ask it a question, you will have your answer almost instantly (but will you listen)?  With the exception of having kids (unless you consider fur babies children), I have done all of the things that my Mind/Ego urged me to do.  I Graduated from two colleges, worked a steady job for over a decade which then turned into a career, all the while feeling like I was slowly dying inside, losing myself to this world of artificial meanings and manufactured happiness.  I have followed the breadcrumbs of my mind almost blindly until only recently.

This past September, I was introduced to a series called Missing Links.  Hosted by Gregg Braden, Missing Links Explores the deep truths of our origin, history, destiny and fate.  This show and the knowledge contained within it, cause me to look deep within myself and analyze the current trajectory of my life.  Missing Links made me realize that I was not living my truth, I was not living with purpose, I was not living the life my Heart had always known I was supposed to be living.  All of these realizations hit me hard and fast, pushing me make changes in my life that I have never looked back from. 

In October of 2017, having new beliefs and strong intentions of what my life would become, I threw away all of my fears, all of my old understandings, all of my self doubt and I resigned from the soul sucking job that I had been with for over a decade.  Since my resignation, I have experienced first hand that we truly do have the power to manifest our own destinies.  I will not say it is easy, as it takes the ability to stay resilient against all forms of internal and external negativity, self doubt and a lifetime of conditioning to the contrary of what your new beliefs are, but IT IS POSSIBLE AND IT IS WORTH IT!