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A.I. Stories to Fuel my Imagination

Out of sheer boredom and curiosity, I started using A.I. to help me stir my imagination.  I'm having A.I. write my stories which I will then write songs about.  I will share those stories on my blog, so feel free…

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Fellahin Fall Releases Urbana EP

Today Marks The Release of Fellahin Fall's Urbana EP

I am extremely proud of what we have accomplished with Urbana, this release marks a new Chapter for Fellahin Fall.

2020 Guitar Solo Showcase!

Pat Reilly 2020 Guitar Solo Showcase!
Just Released!
A Massive 15 Minute Guitar Solo Showcase!

You all might think I'm a little crazy right?  Who can just sit and listen to 15 minutes' worth of guitar solos right?  Well, me…

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The Path

For any artists out there that are feeling down, feeling like you not moving forward, feeling like you should give up; I have been there. I fight every day not to stray from my path. The struggle will never go…

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For My Birthday

For my birthday I would like you to

Hug your cat, pet your dog, kiss your significant other, remember something you love to do and do it until you ask yourself why you ever stopped doing it. Try to empathize…

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Fellahin Fall Debut Album Tar a-Kan Out Now!

You know I'm not just a solo artist, right?  

No, I am not just a solo artist.  I do plenty of session work and also partake in other musical groups.  One thing though, I only involve myself with bands that in my eyes have amazing music, music that really impacts the listener.  I have to LOVE the music, I don't just do this for fun; music is my life, my passion, my legacy!  So why am I ranting on about this? 

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Introducing My New Guitar Series "Lick Formula"

Lick Formula Episode One

Lick Formula is a series I created with the intention of sharing what I hope you find to be interesting yet not terribly challenging lead guitar licks. Each episode will have a new guitar lick for…

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New Purple Pig Hog cable to match the Prestige!

New Purple Pig Hog cable to match the Prestige! Yah dig!? 

A big thank you to Pig Hog Cables for hooking me up with their new Purple Vintage series cables.  When I saw that Pig Hog released these Purple cables,…

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Ibanez RGR5221 Prestige, I am in Love yet again!

Ibanez RGR5221 Prestige, I am in Love yet again!

Anyone who knows me knows that I love the sound and feel of Ibanez Prestige guitars.  I just checked my email and saw they are releasing this beauty; what do you…

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