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Last night Through The Discipline went out with a bang. It was probably our best set ever. 
As one musical chapter comes to an end, I would like to take this opportunity to announce a new chapter. I have been jamming with…

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Dead eyes pat edit

Exclusive Dead Eyes Demo Link

Aside from being a musician, I am obviously a fan of music.  I have always wondered what an artists demo version of a song might have sounded like before it was all polished and cleaned up.  With that being said, I…

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Dead eyes tshirt

Dead Eyes Release

Dead Eyes has been released since February 24th and the response has been amazing!  I invested a lot of time and resources in this song, so I am extremely thankful to everyone that purchased the song and showed support!  I…

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The Media Divides Us Through our Innate Morbid Curiosity

Every day, mainstream news outlets and social media feeds bombard us with imagery that tickles our conflict bone.  Stories of cruelty, murder, hate and lost innocence greatly outweigh stories of inspiration and goodwill.  As human beings, most of us cannot help but…

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The Power Of Intention and Belief

The Mind/Ego will try to convince you, based on habits and values you learned during your developmental years that you should take the safe route in life and do what societies norms dictate; go to school, find a career, settle down…

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