Blank TV needs Our Help

First I would like to thank Blank TV for sharing Dracarys on their official YouTube channel which has over 731 thousand subscribers.  With that being said, they need our help!

A statement from Blank TV

YouTube is continuing its apparent war on BlankTV. After thirteen years, they de-monetized the channel back in May, 2019. So BlankTV is back to being a labor of love. They have now informed us that we will no longer be considered a "YouTube Partner Channel", that we no longer have a YouTube representative and they have issued us 3,000 copyright violations, even though they know we have licenses for all the content on the channel. 

 Twenty years, 22,000 videos, 730,000 subscribers and 1.2 BILLION videos shown. We will not let BlankTV die at the hands of these major label-worshipping ingrates. 

Please show your support for the channel by sending some money to via Paypal. (If you do give more, you will certainly join our ranks of friends, where you never wait in the queue again. You would also get free Premiere/Feature placement for your future videos).

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