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Fellahin Fall Debut Album Tar a-Kan Out Now!

You know I'm not just a solo artist, right?  

No, I am not just a solo artist.  I do plenty of session work and also partake in other musical groups.  One thing though, I only involve myself with bands that in my eyes have amazing music, music that really impacts the listener.  I have to LOVE the music, I don't just do this for fun; music is my life, my passion, my legacy!  So why am I ranting on about this? 

Introducing My New Guitar Series "Lick Formula"

Lick Formula Episode One

Lick Formula is a series I created with the intention of sharing what I hope you find to be interesting yet not terribly challenging lead guitar licks. Each episode will have a new guitar lick for…

Ibanez RGR5221 Prestige, I am in Love yet again!

Ibanez RGR5221 Prestige, I am in Love yet again!

Anyone who knows me knows that I love the sound and feel of Ibanez Prestige guitars.  I just checked my email and saw they are releasing this beauty; what do you…

Every Guitarists Dream

I can't say I speak for everyone, but I think it is the ambition of many guitarists and musician's to be able to sustain a living from their musical talents.  For several years I have been working to create a…

Blank TV needs Our Help

First I would like to thank Blank TV for sharing Dracarys on their official YouTube channel which has over 731 thousand subscribers.  With that being said, they need our help! A statement from Blank TV

YouTube is continuing its apparent…

I Interviewed with Cassandra del Jardin

Pat "The Panther" Reilly is a New York-based guitarist and songwriter whose work spans multiple genres and projects. From melodic prog to Mongolian folk to industrial gothic metal, Pat Reilly has seen and done it all. With Tengger Cavalry, he…

Path to Transcendence is Complete!

It has been a long road, oohhhh such a long road.


It all started when my Tengger Cavalry​ bandmate Nature G said, "If you put out a full length I will fund half of it".  That was enough to …