Every Guitarists Dream

I can't say I speak for everyone, but I think it is the ambition of many guitarists and musician's to be able to sustain a living from their musical talents.  For several years I have been working to create a name for myself, not just as a creator but also as someone that can be called upon as a trusted session guitarist and musician.  Someone with something special to offer that takes pride in others creations as well.  Because music is extremely personal to its creator, it is the ultimate honor when another musician puts their trust in you, asking you to perform on their songs. 

I want to thank a few awesome bands/musicians that have put their faith in me over the past 5 months, entrusting me with over 28 guitar solos. Thank you guys for trusting me to enhance your creations. I hope you love the solos I have created and I thank you for the opportunity to be a part of what you do. 

Thank You 
CASTROFATE, Across Antarctica, Rival Order and Anthony Lee Erik.

See below for some featured released by these awesome musicians

Across Antarctica - Escaping the Matrix

Rival Order - Save Me 

Anthony Lee Erik - Evil Twin


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